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Welcome Maryland FFA Members,

On this page you will find simple tips to improve your presence when communicating about important issues. Use these resources to:

1. practice better online etiquette.

2. represent yourself and your interests effectively.

3. be better prepared for critical questions.

4. spread the solution, not the problem.

Do your own research on topics and explore all possible sides of a story before sharing content.


Be aware of controversial headlines and images. If the content "triggered" you, it will probably have the same effect on your audience.


Think about what you say and read what you post. Always be aware of how your words and actions could effect someone else. Sometimes it's best to let thinks go, take the high road, and forget about it!


Don't be afraid to engage with your audience (friends, family, followers, etc). Strengthen relationships by asking questions, sharing good content, offering constructive feedback, and giving out a well earned like every now and then!


Keep an eye on issues, organizations, and people that you're associated with. Be aware of what people are tagging you in, friends are posting about you, and your organizations are supporting.

Seriously, Go check out your social media tags right now!


Research the outlets where you obtain information a.k.a, "Don't believe everything you see on the internet (except this page;)!" Look out for bias and spend a little extra time fact checking your source. This could save you a lot of embarrassment!

Hey but seriously, believe us.


It's okay to post about personal opinions, however, try to avoid posting about subjects such as politics, religion, and other controversial issues (especially on public accounts). 



Always be respectful and remember that your behavior (especially online) can follow you forever.


Spread the Solution,

Not the Problem